Wednesday, 17 April 2013

War Card Game Variants

My variants of War:


- Deck is shuffled and divided evenly between players
- Players take top 5 cards from deck, these are in the players hand
- players have a choice of 5 cards to play each round
- The player with the highest value card wins and puts both cards on the bottom of their deck
-Each round the player takes a new card from the top of their deck so that they always have 5 cards in their hand. The exception being when a player does not have 5 cards, in which case all cards are held in hand
-The winner is the player to obtain all the cards

-Deck is shuffled and split into multiple piles (2 or more)
-Each round players draw a card from whichever pile they want
-player with highest card wins, winner of round takes both cards and puts them in a "win" pile.
-First one to get all the cards wins

Constituative and Implicit rules remain the same.

Potential Problems: What happens if a player has one card remaining and "war"occurs? This goes for the standard version of war aswell.

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