Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Loki Freed from Chains

 In the Ragnarok story, Loki breaks free form his shackles and rides north to fight Heimdall. To make this story fit a sci-fi/ future setting, I changed the shackles for a prison and had the character in this painting escaping from prison.
I think this piece has a very painterly style, perhaps more so than some of the other paintings in this project. I like this painting a lot, I think it tells a strong narrative and is easy to tell what is going on in this scene.
I attempted to paint this piece with little to no sketch work underneath, with the exception of the characters face I think this went quite well. I think the lighting on the scene and on the character is done quite well.
I used a gaussian blur effect on the fire in the background this creates the effect of the character being really sharp and in focus with the background being out of focus.
To improve this painting,  need to study some more anatomy and get the proportions of the body and face correct.

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