Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Space Cargo Ship Concepts

Felix Baumgartner Game Play Test 1

We were presented with 3 options to use as a starting point for our game: Felix Baumgartner Space Jump, London Olympics and Gangam Style.

We decided to use the topic of Felix Baumgartner and his jump from the edge of space as a basis for our board game. The board game Arrima utilises chess pieces in order to play. Inspried by this we decided to use pieces form an existing board game. 

The game revolves around building towers from jenga pieces. The taller the tower, the more points. Each player is given 100 adrenaline, which acts as currency. Adrenaline can be used to purchase more block from the pile to add to your tower, or it can be used to purchase cards. Each card has an adrenaline cost, a player may use as many cards as they like per round providing they do not use more adrenaline than thy have. A player can hold onto up to 5 cards at any one time.