Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Thor vs. Jormungand

This is the third piece I completed for the Future Norse Myths project. In norse mythology Thor fights the Midgard Serpent, Jomungand during the events of Ragnarok. Thor slays the serpent and takes 9 steps before he falls to his death from venom.

I wanted to avoid taking the stories so literally from this point so instead of featuring an actual serpent to fight Thor, I used an image of a snake as a sigil for the character in the background. To represent the 9 steps Thor takes before his death, the character's bomb vest is set to detonate after 9 seconds.

The proportions of Thor's face is slightly off. The eys are too wide and the nose is too long. The facial proportions of the character in the background are better, although there are some problems with his feet and arms.

More anatomical studies are required.

Unlike the other paintings on this project this was the only one that I kept some of the line art. I really like the colour palette on Thor's face and hair in this painting, the saturated,  vibrant colours I think look good with the dark line art.


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