Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Heimdall blowing Gjallarhorn

This is the first piece of concept art I completed for my Future Norse Myths project. The aim of my project was to create artwork for 6 different scenes in the Ragnarok story from Norse Mythology in a future or sci fi setting.

This piece depicts the god Heimdall blowing the horn, Gjall. In Norse Mythology, the sound of the Gjallarhorn signals the onset of the events of Ragnarok in which almost all life in the nine worlds will perish.

When designing this piece, I wanted the character to have sci-fi looking armour but I dont think I achieved this in this particular artwork. The armour looks more like fantasy armour than sci-fi armour here and other than that there is nothing in this piece that even suggests a science fiction or future setting.

The mountains in the background get less and less saturated the further away they are as they should, but the shape of the mountains and and the light and dark areas are not defined properly. None of the shading is done consistently in the painting, this is probably down to me not having decided where the main light source in the scene is before applying a paint layer. This can be easily fixed in the future, however, with a little bit more planning before i begin painting.

I do not think the choice of colour palette was very good in this piece. The blue armour was meant to appear to be science fiction, but as mentioned earlier, I do not think i managed to achieve a science fiction feel in the painting.

What I did like about this painting, however is how the character is drawn. I think this is one of the best drawn characters in the entire project. The anatomy and proportions are good in this character, this was the result of good sketchwork and planning.

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