Saturday, 20 October 2012

Torchlight 2 Level Design

Game: Torchlight 2
Genre: Action rpg
Platform: PC

The game play in Torchlight 2 is not narrative driven and is more focused on the pacing and difficulty of the levels. The game is orientating around exploration and grinding for levels and better gear. That does not mean the game is devoid of narrative and will therefore be worthwhile creating a basic narrative to accompany the level. Game play is intense non-stop action, it isn't very often that you get a lengthy break from fighting while progressing through a dungeon. Regular enemies typically aren't too hard to kill unless they occur in large groups. Boss fights can last up to 5 minutes, require you to find a strategy that works.

Paper Based Level Designs

Setting: Forest/ Mountainous region
Objectives: Battle through dungeon and kill boss.
Optional/side objectives(picked up in dungeon): Burn down hostile camps, rescue hostages.
Mechanics: Breakable objects, secret areas, champion and boss enemies, chests, random events (quest givers, rescue hostages), boss fights, Steam achievements, shrines (temporary stat boost), traps.

I recorded this video to demonstrate basic game play elements in Torchlight 2

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