Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Future Norse Myths - Concept Art Project

Project overview
Use a story from Norse Mythology and set them in a futuristic/sci-fi setting. I will choose just one story and create artwork based on that story. I will create 6 pieces of concept art based on key scenes in the story. I will show my personal improvement throughout the story. Any research and studies relating to the project will be posted on blog. . I will use different tutorials from “Digital Art Techniques”; this should help make my artwork more diverse

What story will I use?

I recently bought this book to help me choose a story for my artwork. I have decided on using the Ragnarok story for my artwork. Ragnarok is the apocalyptic final battle between the gods and the giants in which almost all life is destroyed. Ragnarok is a very intense story with lots of action. There are many scenes in this story that could be translated into artwork.

I will use 6 of these parts of the story:

  1. Thor vs Jormungand
  2. Odin vs Fenrir
  3. Surt Burning everything
  4. Freyr vs Surt
  5. Loki vs Heimdall
  6. Nastrond, the shore of corpses
  7. Vile and Ve Chess board
  8. Aesir and Einherjar arming themselves
  9. Heimdall blowing the Gjall Horn
  10. Odin riding Sleipnir
  11. Skoll eating sun/ Hati eating moon
  12. Eggther sitting on grave mound playing harp.
  13. Loki breaks free from chains.
I need to weigh up the pros and cons of each part and decide on choosing the 6 parts that will tell the story of Ragnarok the best.

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