Saturday, 20 October 2012

Paper Based Game


  1. Create a paper based game that requires 3 people to play.
  2. The game must be set on tiles.

  1. The game requires 3 players. Each is given a character sheet at the start of the game with all players stats.
  2. 2 players attack and 1 defends. On the attacking team, there is a healer and an attacker. The healer cannot attack and the attacker cannot heal. The defending player takes control of his own unit and multiple enemy units.
  3. Attacking players start in the safe zone and defending player starts in the area labelled next zone.
  4. Attacking players must reach the next zone.
  5. On a players turn, the can choose to move or attack/heal.
  6. Players take turns to roll a 6 sided die. This roll determines how many tiles a player can move. Alternatively if the defending or attacking player chooses to attack, this is how many hit points are taken. This can also determine how many points the healer can heal.
  7. Players can only attack or heal if they are within 1 tile of an enemy or teammate.
  8. Healers use resources to heal. For example if the healer rolls a 6, then 6 points should be deducted from his total resources.
  9. Blue tiles are used for replenishing a healers resources. If the healer lands on a blue tile, they pick up a card from the healer pile. This determines how much resource they restore.
  10. Green tiles are pick ups that the healer can keep withing his inventory. The pickups may benefit the attacker as well. They can be used on a players turn.
  11. If either player on the attacking team dies, they can respawn in the safe zone after missing 3 turns.
  12. The game is won when both attacking players reach the next zone or if both attacking players are killed.
Early level layout. A maze meant it was harder for players to engage in combat. A large open level is better suited for this game
The biggest challenge was trying to make the game so that it had to be played by 3 players. We had to make the attacking players dependent on each other, which is why only one can attack and the other can heal. Also only the healer can pick up loot which may benefit the attacking player. 

A lot more work needs to be done on balancing the game such as how many units the defending player should control and how many hit points/resources each player needs.

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