Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Contemporary Design Essay Project Plan

Contemporary Design Essay Project Plan
Essay Title and Question
How have the issue of climate change and sustainability affected contemporary architecture?
Why I will answer this question
I watched a video and a TED talk with architect Bjarke Ingels in which he states the biggest problem facing the next generation of architects is climate change and sustainability. I found his ideas of ‘Hedonistic Sustainability’, to be particularly interesting. This idea questions the misconception that sustainability means sacrifice. Hedonistic Sustainability is defined as “sustainability that improves the quality of life and human enjoyment”. I will question Hedonistic sustainability examining whether sustainability is a moral burden and how much, if any, we have to sacrifice to achieve hedonistic sustainability in a design. Bjarke Ingles talks about architects having to design an ecosystem and shows his Danish Pavillion design as an example of how we can achieve hedonistic sustainability. Global warming and climate change are the biggest problems we face in the world, they are not limited to designers and they are serious problems that the world faces as a whole right now. Because of these reasons, it is important to examine climate change and understand how we can overcome it.
Key research areas
      Evironmental Design/ Environmentally friendly designs
Hedonistic Sustainability
Climate Change: why is it an issue for designers
History of green architecture
Problems with green architecture
Examples of architecture that embrace hedonistic sustainability
Current Laws/ legislations regarding design and climate change
Project Timetable
31st October
Begin research into key research areas and collecting information.
7th November
Continue collecting research, recording it all on blog.
14th November
Begin to plan essay structure and continue collecting research on blog.
21st November
Begin writing first draft using contact time when possible
28th November
Complete first draft, use contact time for improvements to essay. Continue recording all on-going research to blog.
5th December
Start making amendments to essay for final hand in.
12th December
Have all research recorded on blog and final essay completed

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